Korte documentaire: The Kurdish Dream

Onderstaande video laat beelden zien uit de documentaire The Kurdish Dream, van Kae Bahar en Claudio von Planta. Het gaat over het Koerdische gevecht tegen IS en over Kae Bahars SIRIK campagne. SIRIK staat voor Seperate Iraq & Recognise Independence for Kurdistan.

De begeleidende tekst bij de video is in het Engels geschreven, zie onderstaand. 

Happy Newroz by Claudio Von Planata
Extracts from THE KURDISH DREAM, a documentary by Kae Bahar and Claudio von Planta about the Kurdish fight against ISIL and Kae Bahar's SIRIK campaign, which stands for SEPARATE IRAQ & RECOGNISE INDEPENDENCE FOR KURDISTAN.

Kae Bahar, my friend and fellow filmmaker won an award last week from the Centre for Kurdish Progress in London as ‘Most Successful Kurd in Britain’ in the Arts Category. 
To congratulate Kae and celebrate Newroz, the Kurdish New Year on 21st of March, I decided to cut a short compilation with footage from our documentary THE KURDISH DREAM. It’s about the fight of the Kurds against ISIL and Kae’s SIRIK campaign, which stands for SEPARATE IRAQ & RECOGNISE INDEPENDENCE FOR KURDISTAN.
On the 16th of May 2016 we will reach the centenary of the Syke-Picot treaty where the Brits and French divided the Kurdish land into 4 parts after the defeat of the Ottoman empire at the end of WW1. For 100 years the Kurds had to live under the oppressive rule of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. They got embroiled in many wars and since 2014 they have to fight ISIL. Turkey’s declaration to end the PKK peace talks in July 2015 made the Kurdish situation even worse. It is therefore not surprising that many Kurds want more autonomy or even better their own independent Kurdish state. In my humble view - from a Swiss perspective - nations should have as much self-determination and autonomy as possible. It’s the best guarantee for peace and prosperity. There are 40 million Kurds and many of them will soon join the refugee exodus to Europe if the international community isn’t supporting their aspirations for statehood and their own safe haven.

HAPPY NEWROZ 2016 from Claudio von Planta on Vimeo.