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Erbil, the no. 5 safest city in the world

Unfortunately, stereotypes and skewed media coverage would lead many to be surprised to see Iraq on this list. But the city of Erbil, located in northern Iraq and capital of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, makes it into the top five safest cities in the world. Also one of the world's oldest cities, Erbil is a diverse city full of different religions and ethnicities that you can explore in its many bazaars, parks, mosques, and museums.


Documentary: The Kurdish Dream

Happy Newroz by Claudio Von Planata 

Extracts from THE KURDISH DREAM, a documentary by Kae Bahar and Claudio von Planta about the Kurdish fight against ISIL and Kae Bahar's SIRIK campaign, which stands for SEPARATE IRAQ & RECOGNISE INDEPENDENCE FOR KURDISTAN.

Blog article: What is so good about Hawler?

Written by Walt DeVault, 19-8-2013

As it turns out, moving here was the best decision we have ever made.

I am 62 years young and a retired American businessman. In America our family was very blessed and life was good. Maybe it was time to start returning those blessings.