My name is Juan Omar . I am originally from Kurdistan/Iraq , from the city of Kirkuk and I've been living in the Netherlands since 1998. I work at ROC Drenthe College in Assen where I have several administrative tasks .

I came up with the idea to organize tours to Iraqi Kurdistan, after I did a nice trip in the cities and towns in Kurdistan in May 2012 with a Dutch girlfriend from the Netherlands. So in this way, I want to focus on the development of tourism in the region.

Since the first Gulf War began in the nineties of the last century, Kurdistan became a semi-autonomous state, which has remained largely outside the line of fire during the second Gulf War. The country, which officially is not a country, experiences an economic boom period, and now flies all various airlines on the capital Erbil and Sulemani. This region is much different than the rest of the country in terms of safety.

You will easily receive a local visa upon arrival at the airport without problems. So perhaps it is time to visit a non-existent country for the first time in your life! I work closely with local guides in Kurdistan, who have good experience through their work in a similar office and they coordinate many tours. You will come in contact with the local population and culture.

I'm here to make your trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Take time for your relaxation to a special part of our earth and let me arrange your trip to one of the most fascinating regions in the World.