Welcome to Kurdistan's hospitality & adventure

Kurdish Iraq is safe: the ''other Iraq''


Magnificent scenery     Huge canyons
Archaeology     History
Beautiful mountains     Old religious sites
Hospitality     Rich culture


Come and experience the beautiful nature,

see the old religious sites of many religions,

taste the culture and hospitality of the Kurds,

and go back in time at the historical and archaeological places


The Kurdish people in Iraq have a very rich history:

from building the oldest citadel in the world in Erbil,

to great suffering under dictatorial regimes and

to being one of the most flourishing parts in the world

with massive economic development


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Iraqi Tours service includes ''from airport to airport'' transport, good hotels and restaurants and the service of an experienced tour guide which is present the entire trip. Information is provided about the Kurdish history and archaeological and historical sites. You will also have the opportunity to come into contact with local people, including local entertainment. Iraqi Tours gives attention to detail and special requests, so that we can ensure an incredible journey to you! 

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